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  • New Tricolor (Orange, Green & Red) LED Display Highly visible easy-to-read display
  • Enhanced comparator functions In addition to a simple comparison of the upper/lower limit, the AD-4532B is equipped with a 2D comparator function that shifts between the upper/lower limit in five levels using a time control or an external signal.
  • 2D (5-level) comparator function This function makes it possible to determine the acceptability of the total result by performing a sequential comparison while shifting between the upper/lower limit in five levels using a time axis or an external input (trigger). It is ideal for use in measurements, such as a press-in operation, which require changes in the comparison value as time elapses.
    The five comparators can also be used individually.
  • High-speed A/D*1 and D/A*2 conversion function at 2000 times/sec. *1 Analog-to-digital conversion *2 Digital-to-analog conversion
  • Calibration without an actual load The digital span calibration function makes it possible to perform a calibration by entering the rated output (mV/V) of the sensor using the numeric keys. This function is useful when an actual load cannot be applied.
  • Latching function The display, the comparator output and the D/A voltage output can be latched (data output hold).
  • Relay output with a long-life MOSFET relay
  • Chatter-prevention function If bouncing of the comparator value occurs repeatedly near the upper/lower limit, a heavy burden will be placed on the relay circuit and other parts. To prevent this, the AD-4532B has a function to set the hysteresis width and time.
  • Hold Function The hold mode can be activated using the front panel key, a Modbus-RTU, or the external input terminal on the rear panel.
  • Wide variety of data input/output The AD-4532B comes equipped with an analog amplifier voltage output (±10V), a D/A analog voltage output (±10V), a comparator output and a Modbus-RTU input/output. In addition, we offer an optional BCD output, RS-232C input/output, D/A analog voltage/current output (±10V / 4 to 20mA) and Ethernet. The upper/lower limit setting, the zero compensation function and the hold function can be executed via Modbus-RTU.

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